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“Combining colors and shapes has fascinated me since I was a child. Floral artistry has filled me with great joy and is a great passion of mine inspiring me to create something new.”

– Francesca Lo Presti

About Us

Francesca Lo Presti started her career as an English teacher and extending her career and knowledge in fashion design and floral artistry in Europe.

At House of Floral Designs, we customize creativity for each individual commission. European, Art Deco, Avant-Garde, Victorian, Contemporary or the desired style.

Dramatic Elegance is the Signature of House of Floral Designs.

Specializing in wedding and Event Planning, themed sympathy designs, floral preservation and floral workshops and presentations.

Attention to Detail is Our Hallmark.

Contact us at (905) 664-2600 for the simplest of moments and the greatest of occasions.

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